Kaya Warren (wyrdangelique) wrote,
Kaya Warren


I hate this town so much sometimes.

I have a friend now that I can’t hang out with after work because this town has a reputation for being full of drugs, users, and dealers. She’s reasonably young, and lives with her mom, and of course her mom is worried about her coming home so late. It’s too bad, too. Pokemon Go is the only thing we’re addicted to! Not to mention, having good friends around. I’m probably still a little idealistic when it comes to the idea of friendship; I wanna be the Ash to your Pikachu.

I got a nice compliment yesterday on my hair color from the co-founder of the company that I work for. It’s nice to be reminded that not every member of management is an uptight wad of dumb. Actually, I find that upper management tends to be way more laid-back than middle management. That’s not as true now as it was six months ago, but it’s still a little true.

I’m working a clopening this weekend for the last time for a while. Jared’s new job starts next week, so I won’t be picking up any more weekend shifts unless something changes. He works Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 11:30PM-Noon, then is home the rest of the week. It’s a pretty convenient schedule, and he said he’s really glad to have so much time to spend with the kids, too. He and Ivy had a really good relationship before, but I think it’s gotten more solid with him not working. It’s a lot of fun to watch them play together.

Dreyson got into boarding school, and orientation is on June 1st. I can’t wait to clean and re-organize his room. He’s only going to be home every other weekend at most, so I want to make it look nice for when he does use it. Hopefully he will learn how to keep his room better while he’s there so I don’t have to worry as much about him trashing his room when he’s home. It’s pretty atrocious right now.

My bangs are fading, but the rest of my hair is really purple. I think I need a touch up.

That’s all.

-The Wyrd One
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