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Gypsy Casualties

Two days after the smoke had cleared, Karu and Gwinwydd went out into the common area that all the gypsies shared. She found that many of the older gypsy women had been abducted the morning that the caravans had been set on fire. As it turned out, they had been accused of stealing children from another tribe and sacrificing them in rituals in the forest. Upon hearing this news, Karu gasped, and a sharp pain entered her chest. She remembered the defeated look on the one matron that she saw being dragged off, and she wondered if she would ever see her, or any of the other matrons again. She wondered if they had really been retaliated against, or if this were a terrible lie. She couldn’t imagine this to be true, but she was new here and knew little about the tribe that she had entered. Maybe this was why she had always stayed in The Temple with her sisters. She could feel the cold, sterile walls of the altar room calling to her now. Even though The Temple had been destroyed, she could feel herself between its walls, shaking, but safe.

Gwinwydd would be safer there, she thought. I could run. Her heart pounded in her ears, and she thought of Thad, her glorious mate whom she chased after for something like a lifetime. She thought of his hair in her face, his eyes meeting hers. She thought of his skin under her finger tips, his gasp, his laugh. She thought of his smile, and how he could bring her back from the edge of insanity with a pat on the head. No. I will stay. He is my soulmate.

She held Gwinwydd tightly to her chest and felt the tiny hands of her only daughter flailing around, occasionally brushing against her chin or grabbing for her hair. She would fuss a little, and then smile and laugh. Gas. Karu sat at the edge of the fire pit and stared into the smoldering embers of the fire they had cooked their dinner on the night before. The camp was a lonely place, and she hadn’t realized until that moment just how much she had depended on the others for help with Gwinwydd. She knew so little about having a baby, and the older women who had already had their babies and watched them grow and have more babies had been all too eager to help bring up Thad’s baby girl. She realized that her friends were almost all gone, and that the one who rocked Gwinwydd to sleep the best was missing. The one who fed Gwinwydd while Karu was napping was missing.

But did these women really sacrifice children? Karu felt a little sick to her stomach.

Moments later, Kary felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see a little blonde boy standing behind her. His eyes were Thad’s.

“Are you my mommy?”

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