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I had to tell myself today that there will still be cheesecake in the world when I’ve met my weight loss goals, so I don’t need it now. Thankfully, the craving for it has subsided, and now the idea of something that sweet is making me feel a little ill. I’m glad I didn’t give in when the craving was driving me through the roof. I’m sipping tulsi and parsley tea, currently. It’s better than it sounds, especially the parsley part. The tulsi (AKA Holy Basil) is something I used to drink, but now don’t like the flavor of without the parsley. My desk is starting to look like a tea emporium. I’m going to finish the Cranberry Weightless tea, but when it’s gone, I’ll be looking for a different cranberry tea because this one has stevia in it. Stevia is an “avoid” for me, but I’m making a short-term exception here because of the “highly beneficial” in the tea, and because it was on clearance.

The swelling in my feet has gone down. This suggests to me that it may be hormonal, rather than a valve problem. OR, it may be a valve problem that’s agitated by my hormones. I don’t really know, but I’m glad my ankles and feet aren’t all puffy anymore. Either way, she said losing weight should help a lot, so there’s one more reason to lay off the cheesecake. The fruit bowl at work is abundant if I need something today, anyway. I’m trying to only eat every 6 hours, and that seems to be working out pretty well.

I have to tell you, that the one thing that helped me the most so far on this particular weight loss journey was an article that I posted in my Weight Loss group a while back about eating small meals to keep your metabolism up being a myth. It’s a MYTH, everybody! The only thing that grazing keeps up is your blood sugar level, and that actually makes you gain weight. I’m glad somebody finally admitted that. That wasn’t the part of the article that got me, though. A little further down, the author talks about her snacking habit, and how she wasn’t afraid of anything but not making it until dinner, and she says, “guess what? I made it.”

She made it. Well no shit! OF COURSE she did! Nobody in the modern world who lives in a house and has a steady income enough to feed their family and all that is starving. It’s not like waiting an extra hour to eat is going to kill you. Also, as it turns out, it doesn’t do a damn thing to your metabolism to stretch it out a couple hours. I don’t remember how long it does take, but time between meals isn’t long enough to put your body into the dreaded “starvation mode.” So many people are following the “grazing” lifestyle thinking they’re hurting their bodies if they don’t snack, when the reality is that they’re hurting themselves by snacking. The “fed mode” is something that people don’t realize that they’re accidentally skipping when they eat like that, and if you skip “fed mode,” you literally don’t lose weight. Of course, everybody’s body is different, and the amount of time you need to spend in “fed mode” may vary. Six hours between food consumption seems to be working for me, though. I’m officially in the 240s down from a highest weight of 275.

I can’t wait to get into those new pants that Jared bought me. I’ve got one pair of nice dress pants, and one pair of comfy casual pants that feel like I could wear them, but I might split them if I tried to. I’m vowing not to try them on again until I break the barrier into the 230s. They’re size 18, which would have fit me at this weight before I had the baby, but since most of the weight is still in my belly, clothes aren’t fitting the same way as they did when I was fat before. I’m really glad that my sister pointed that out, because I might be getting discouraged by now if she hadn’t.

I can’t wait to go play Pokemon tonight. I need to get up and move around. Being at my desk is starting to make me crazy. I’m stuck here for another 6 hours, though. Only 1 hour and 45 minutes until my next break.

Remember: you will make it until diner time.

- The Wyrd One

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