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A Rambling From The Office

Now that I’ve gotten a lot of my woes out, I’m mostly just splattering a stream of consciousness out onto the page every day. I’m content with that. This is getting posted to my LiveJournal, so I hope my readers are okay with that too, but if they’re not, I guess they can just skip it. I do have a Twitter feed if you only like to know about 120 characters worth of what’s going on in my life.

I’m daydreaming about my future NaNoWriMo attempt, and I’m wondering if there’s a convenient way for me to dictate my story when I can’t type. I’m not sure what kind of hard/software my laptop has for that, but I’m sure I can talk to my iPhone and it will type what I say. There must be an app for that.

My head feels funny and my throat feels raw. It gets worse the more I think about it. Also, I’m trying to type quietly, since the guy next to me noticed that I was typing Monday night. My boss has gotten on me about writing during my down time even though it’s technically not against policy.

And work is picking up, so I should probably stop anyway. I’ll do better tomorrow. At least I wrote something.

Tags: nanowrimo, random, stream of conciousness
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