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Writing To Cope… Again

I don’t know how much more of this raging stupid I can put up with. I’m not even sure hot to articulate what just happened because I’m so angry and confused. Maybe I should wait to write about it until I get my thoughts collected. I just didn’t want to wait this time because I know that I have a habit of not writing things out and then never getting back to them. I mean, last night’s entry was probably the first I made in six months or something like that, right? And I don’t know if anybody cares, or if anybody even reads me anymore (other than the couple people who made comments on the link from FB), but I am having serious trust issues right now, and I don’t even know what I can say and what I can’t.

I just lost two really close friends because of someone’s massive amount of stupid. These people I’ve known for years. I performed their handfasting and went to the hospital to bless their baby boy. We used to RP together all the time. They helped me leave my ex-husband, and gave me shelter when I had no place safe to hide. They have been watching Ivy for me in the afternoons. We all really loved each other. At least I thought we did. My heart is broken.

I can’t even do this right now. Nope.

Tags: drama, frustration, life, pain
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